Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Time to think about who is most deserving of ZHL GM of the Year for 2006-07.

Is it GM Dave "The Rape & Pillager"?

Or is it JERKY BOYZ "The Four-Headed Hydra"?

What about GM Lumpy? Or GM Taras?

Please vote and leave your comments.

Once we get that out of the way, I've got some other ideas we can vote on (like should GM Dave be on top or bottom when he doles out his favours at the cottages?).



Anonymous said...

Can we have 12 trophies so we can all take something home & run around the house naked showing off our "hardware". Drunk of the year, Mgr of the year, Dick of the year, etc.

Meester Music said...

I guess Mr. Anonymous, or should I say "Mr. Chickenshit" doesn't like trophies as much as he dislikes the JERKY BOYZ and NEWMARKET M.L.

Tell ya what.....YOU can be Dick of the Year, I think you've earned it. In fact, I know where you can store your trophy.

- COMMISH (doesn't hide his anonymity like a CHICKENSHIT)

Webby said...

Anonymous sounds like a Double Fisted Lollipop licker. Don't you think?

webby said...

I'm tempted to vote for the Lumpster....he has gone from the crapper to being involved in the tight race to get into the money.

Commish, he who is "beloved" said...

Yeah, Lumpy has done a pretty good job and I think that last trade with his bed-partner Sanderson might get and keep him in the money.

It would all be worth it if the JERKY BOYZ got knocked out of the dough!!!

The only serious consideration I would give is to GM Dave, not so much for his trading acumen, but more for his taking all the shit we've been throwing at him all season long!!!

What a trooper!!!!!


Still your "beloved" Commish said...

A Double Fisted Lollipop Licker?

Oooohh....I'm getting a really nasty image in my head over that one!!!

I was hoping that we could take all the joking around and stuff in good fun and act the responsible adults that I think we all are.

I think that "anonymous"'s comment was meant to be funny, but I guess I took it the wrong way. Maybe this unknown GM is just upset cuz he either hasn't won in ages or gotten laid in ages, OR BOTH.

Oh well...reminds me of that clip Kevin was talking about from the Gong Show. The lollipop lickers, I mean!!!!

- Commish