Saturday, April 07, 2007


I promise I won't change the style/look of the blog anymore.



Ok, ok.....I'm not really going to pull the plug on this webpage. Deprive me of all this fun??

Look, I think we all pretty much know that we can all take a good-hearted poke at each other throughout the season. Most of it rings a little close to home (and the truth), but I hope you all take it in the context of what it is....after all, and to quote one of the other ZHL GMs....."IT'S JUST A FUKKING HOCKEY POOL!!!"

Yes.....calm down y'all!!! And yeah, it's hard to not crow when you're in the money, or fighting to get into or staying in the money. Oh, and yeah, I've been at the other end of the stick too.....not necessarily in DFL, but out of the money with months of nothing to look forward to.

I know most of the posts are bullshit and we have fun with that too. So please, when I say that Sandy is home scratching his balls, I don't really know if he IS in fact doing that....he MAY be doing that too, for all I know......

And don't we ALL delete Rick's emails? Why single Sandy out? He had the guts to admit it AND to fess up to Leafs67 (most of us thought it was LUMPY!!!). It's EASTER...a great time for confession!!!

Yup.....just a few days left in the season. I am looking forward to the cottages. I have already sequestered a few pints of Foster's Special Bitter, some CDN cold shots, and some Rickard's Red for our enjoyment. I'll bring up some of Rocco's finer "ISS NORMAL" flicks too.

Boys, it's always a pleasure and lots of fun. Keep it going......the pool is great and the GMs are great too (ok...I'm lying about that last part...).


Friday, April 06, 2007


Just following up on the previous comment by leafs67 in the "ARRRGGGHH" post, who complained that only the "all star GMs" get all the press.

There apparently is a tight battle going on between 9th and 10th place. Please forgive me if the rest of you hadn't noticed.

We should vote on a trophy to commenorate this feat. Any suggestions, as usual, will be greatly valued and highly ignored.



Yes, so here we go with only a few games left.

Way to go JERKY BOYZ!! Backstrom with yet another shutout...too bad Luongo didn't come through tonight, but that would give you a total of 86 wins right now. Vancouver has 2 games to go, Minnesota one. Potential here for 3 more wins (6 total if shutouts!). We are probably looking at 2 more wins for a total of 88.

KACHURA'S KOOKS with another amazing performance from Lundqvist in NY. Turco not having as much luck in Dallas. 3 games to go. Maybe two more wins to go with the one already picked up this week and possibly a total of 86 wins for the year.

GOOD WILLS get a win from Vokoun, who finally played this week. Kipper losing yet another game, this time to SJ. We are all so busy watching the Leafs that no one is perhaps noticing the big fight between Colorado and Calgary. Colorado closing the game and you just KNOW it will come down to the final game Sunday night between these two clubs for the final playoff position. 3 more games for GM Commish and one victory to show. Probably 2 more wins (?) to finish with 84 for the year.

Lucky for LUMPY'S LIONS that Edmonton isn't playing Minnesota a third time (2 shutouts in a row already this week). However, they DO finish against Calgary, who will be looking for a win to knock out Colorado). Two wins from Brodeur already, but it's going to be a tough one on Sunday as NJ plays the Islanders, who might still be in it, depending on their Saturday game. I see 3 wins this week for LUMPY, for a total of 84 wins.

NEWMARKET M.L. missing out on the big Fleury win tonight. 3 more games to go.....will Detroit play Hasek or rest him? My bet is they will rest the old fuk and put Osgood in one more time, especially since Detroit has clinched the Western Division championship. Lehtonen (or is that "Let-Them-In"...thanks GM Kev!) might play once more, so GM Dave will likely finish with 80 victories.

Goalie Wins Category Prediction

12 JERKY BOYZ (88 wins) +2
11 KACHURA'S KOOKS (86 wins) -1
9.5 GOOD WILLS (84 wins) -0.5
9.5 LUMPY'S LIONS (84 wins) -0.5
8 NEWMARKET M.L. (80 wins) -

This would leave both JERKY BOYZ and NEWMARKET M.L. tied for first spot.
Tiebreaker goes to GM Dave unless JERKY BOYZ get another shutout which would rock the GAA category big time. We'll have to see!!

Also, potential for KACHURA'S KOOKS & GOOD WILLS to share 3rd-4th place honours. Tiebreak would go to KACHURA, but again, the GAA category could shift.

Whew!!! Have a great Easter guys!! Enjoy the scoreboard watching and we'll check in a bit later.

Any comments will be highly valued and greatly ignored.


PS: GM DAVE......JERKY BOYZ want to know if you've cleaned your pants out yet this week!!!