Friday, April 06, 2007


Just following up on the previous comment by leafs67 in the "ARRRGGGHH" post, who complained that only the "all star GMs" get all the press.

There apparently is a tight battle going on between 9th and 10th place. Please forgive me if the rest of you hadn't noticed.

We should vote on a trophy to commenorate this feat. Any suggestions, as usual, will be greatly valued and highly ignored.



Webby said...

First I would like to say I like the new look....

Second, I would like to suggest the tight race is between 10th & 11th .. not so much 9th & 10th

leafs67 said...

Commish, if I offended you in any way I apologize. My rant this am was aimed at myself & my dismal season. I have nothing riding on these games & it sucks to be in a pool where even next year doesn't look optimistic. Again if I offended you then I owe you a few pints of homebrew.


Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that leafs67 would misconstrue any comment made by anyone on this site. All comments are made in jest with understanding that we are all friends in this pool. Perhaps if he read the comments and emails instead of simply deleting them he would see the humour.

Most beloved and venerated Commish said...

PLEASE, guys!

You are all so FUCKING SERIOUS, that you cannot see a joke for what it's worth!!!

I can take the jokes as much as anyone else...I KNOW we're all having fun. Of COURSE the blog site will be here next year....what ELSE is COMMISH gonna do all year if he can't slam the other guys once in a while?

HAPPY EASTER to all you guys!! This pool is the greatest thing...I cannot begin to tell you how many laughs I get from everyone!!!

Oh yeah, Sanderson bring up some homebrew if you didn't drink it all already to the cottages!!!

C'mon guys...lighten up!!


Webby said...

sorry, very little chance of lightening up... after all I am middle aged and "slightly" over weight.
But I promise I will endeavor to change that before the cottages weekend. Don't want to look to humpty dumptyish when we go to the Crab Shack and the "Crab" Shack.