Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well, I think that would just about be the end of the season for GOOD WILLS.

Luongo in net (JERKY BOYZ) and the Canucks not only beat Nashville (Vokoun - GOOD WILLS) but get the shutout despite the fact that Nashville DID finally score but the buzzer had already gone.

I sympathy from the rest of the league but boy, MURPHY loves the ZHL huh?



Webby said...

I "feel ya". Just keep than darn, dang it Murphy away from us.

Still a few weeks left and still a tight race to stay in the money.

Anonymous said...

Boo Fu**kin Hoo

Beloved Commish said...

Hey "Anonymous", aka CHICKENSHIT, at least I have the balls to admit when my goose is cooked and to at least put my fucking name to my posts.

Boo fuckin hoo up YOURS, you chickenshit asshole.


you better pray I don't find out who you really are.....

sandman said...

It seems like anonymous is a penis loving kind of fella.
Just wait til the last week of the season when all the starters get rested & back up goalies dual it out for wins.
Sure glad I'm not having to worry about that.

Your beloved Commish said...

Hey Sandman!

That's what happened a few years back when GM Dave's goalies were rested and he needed wins.

I had fair goalies on shit teams who played to the bitter end and I edged out Dr. John by a gAA 0.001 point or something like that.

Should be an interesting final week. but frankly, I'd rather be where I am, biting my nails, than where you are, scratching your balls. (just kidding, pally!!)