Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Yes, sportsfans.

It would seem that one of our brethren, heretofore known only as "anonymous", has been chosen as this year's ZHL GM "DICK OF THE YEAR". (see previous post - comments).

We hope that HE will run around the cottages naked with the trophy stored in a most appropriate place.

By the way, I continue to entertain REAL comments from stand-up GMs, not chickenshits who prefer to hide behind their anonymity



Mr T's conscience said...

I vote Mr.T Rexters as ZHL manager of the year, from a totally different perspective:
The majority of the GM's who have moved their teams up in the standings have been involved in a trade with Mr. T, thus avoiding establishing themselves in the anti-hallowed position of "Cream of the Crap" (new term for DFL position).
Mr. T. should therefore be considered for Manager of the Year for his generosity in his dealings!

sandman said...

Do we need to be mean & nasty in this forum or can we all just get along.
I would vote for NML as GM of the year. We have all abused him for his love of drafting the "young" boys & he is now about to enjoy the fruits of his labour.
Our beloved Commish is a close second as he has had injuires to deal with.
Unfortunately my team sucked so I can't nominate myself.

"Beloved" ZHL Commish said...

Mr. T. Conscience makes some good points re: MR. T. for GM of the Year, considering of course that it IS from, "...a totally different perspective..."

Unfortunately, that particular perspective is spiraling outside our galaxy and has no place in what others would consider REALITY.



Your "Beloved" Commish said...

I DO like the "Cream Of The Crap" moniker, but I think ONE name change (from Dead-Ass Last to Dead Fucking Last) is enough for one season.

- Commish

MAPLE ST. PATS said...

I'd like to nominate myself for GM of the year. I've got the likely Art Ross and Rocket Richard winners (Crosby and Lecavalier) - both coming via trade. Plus, after being in 11th place for most of the season, I am in contention for the money (I realize it's a long shot that I actually get to 4th place).

I know this is a stretch but I'm just trying to get SOMETHING positive out of this season. I'll settle for just being discussed for GM of the year.

My real vote would have to go to NML as well. His team was so good that no matter how much he messed up which goalies to activate, it didn't make much of a difference.

p.s. I agree with the Commish, "anonymous" is a chickenshit.

Loura said...

Good post.