Sunday, March 18, 2007


The two biggest frikkin' whiners in the ZHL this year are mortal enemies NEWMARKET MAPLE LEAFS & JERKY BOYZ.

With a commanding lead in the pool, GM Dave has the audacity to start trading players away because of his huge lead. Guess he can afford us lower-placed minions some slack, huh? GM Dave even bids on the same player 3 weeks in a row who is already on another team (by his own admission freakin' cocky is THAT?).

then the JERKY BOYZ with their worries while kicking ass as they eventually assume 2nd place. Oh please.....spare me!!!!!

Any comments from other GMs would be greatly appreciated.

- COMMISH (currently holding desperately on to 2nd place and posting this just to get a rise out of ya)


Neutral Joe said...

I can't believe that some other GM's aren't taking advantage of Dave's offer to help get them into the money.

Anonymous said...

Dave is a real cocky bastard!!

newmarket dave said...

okay who wrote that last message?

It's easy to hide behind anonymity isn't it?

"Beloved" ZHL COMMISH said...

Neutral Joe: Great offers but a little too late now, doncha think?

I mean, there are only like 3 weeks to go in the pool. Hossa going to help me catch Dave in the goals scored category? No. Hossa going to help me stave off others in the pp/sh goals category? Maybe, maybe.....

Hasek going to help in goalie wins? Like last night when he lost? No...maybe, but maybe not either.

Meanwhile, I give up 30 goal scorer Pominville (S2-2 I think) for 3 guys who I lose at the end of the year. THEN, I have to go into the draft with no players and lots of money to compete with other guys.

Is it really about the money? Well, maybe...I'm happy to get the next season for free. Maybe I'm an idiot.

I would consider a deal of that magnitude in January but that type of deal was not forthcoming.

Dave wins the pool AND wins in the Draft for NEXT season?

Keep your anonymity, Neutral Joe. I ain't gonna do it....I might regret it, but probably not.


Webby said...

And how do they know, Dave is a "cocky" bastard?

Must be those backroom dealings, eh.

"Beloved" ZHL Commish said...

So Neutral Joe would have me make a trade to give away my future (Pominville).

Now I see that Semin got a hat trick this afternoon and that Hasek was down and Lehtonen was up and got Dave yet another win.

Long live Dave. Long live the King.

There is nothing or nobody that can stop the ascension of NEWMARKET MAPLE LEAFS to the top of the heap.


leafs67 said...

I can't believe the 2 worst teams to deal with may finish in the money. Yes I agree that the JB's & NML are whiners. I hope they both finish in the crapper next season.

Webby said...

I truly believe you meant "winners". Mr. leafs67, sir

Meester Music said...

Wow! Mr. Leafs67 has a hemmoroid the size of Mount Everest, non?

He not be liking JB or NML.

As for GM Dave's "Cockiness", guess we'll find out for sure on April 21st.

Anonymous said...

I've dealt with both the jerky boys and newmarket and found them to be most generous and fair in all ther trade offers and response times. Any one who disagrees can suck their potruding organs

Commish (beloved to some) said...

That sounds painful, that "potruding" organ thing. I've had protruding zits and stuff.....

Signed "Anonymous"...probably the same Chickenshit who's dissing me on one of my other posts.