Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Yeah, quite a finish to the season.

Kipper gets the shutout AND the shootout win, and Vokoun came through for me as well. 3 wins.

JERKY BOYZ get the shutout from Backstrom and a shutout win from Luongo to keep pace.

GM Dave says it's close and he is going to wear his brown pants till the end of the season.

Please, Mr. Anonymous, spare us your usual wit. Hide behind your anonymity, you CHICKENSHIT you. You are going to give yourself away some time and the rest of us are going to lay a beatin' on ya!!!! Oh YEAHHHH>...............................



sandman said...

I thought Dave always wore brown pants. He could have had Halak. So could anyone. Best goalie in the league. Is Dipietro done for his career. He must be motivated to retire for the next 14 years.

Your beloved Commish said...

Halak: Best goalie in the League?

C'mon Sanderson....whatcha smokin' dude? Can I has sum?

That would be a bitch if Dipietro was done, but I'd settle for him done for the balance of the season...

Anonymous said...

sandman must be smoking a big penis