Saturday, March 31, 2007


Big game right now as Kipper (Good Wills) takes on Luongo (Jerky Boyz).

Will be interesting to see how the last week of the season plays out. With Calgary and Colorado still battling in the West, we may see more of Kipper and that won't be good news for the other ZHL clubs.

Might see some teams rest their superstars for the upcoming playoffs, so be prepared for anything. Always great to see the stats on Tuesday with only a few days to go.

Like GM Dave says, get them brown pants out!



webby said...

no comment... trying to avoid having Murphy look our way.

Kind of neat how how the ZHL money race is as tight as the playoff race in the Eastern conference.

It is going to be a very interesting and exciting week.

Ok.. OK so I did comment, but I am keeping my head low.

Your assumedly beloved COMMISH said...

Not a bad diatribe for a "No Comment"!!

I was hoping to get a Kipper shutout...that would have sent Yama into an apoplectic fit!!

Yes, it IS going to be an interesting week....more fun than a barrel of 3 Monkees I suppose!

Hey, keep dem comments coming. At least you put your name on your tags, not like Chickenshit "Anonymous".

- COMMISH, he who is beloved.

Anonymous said...

I hope Webby keeps his head low enough to give great "head"

Webby said...

Sounds like anonymouse wants to come out of the closet and declare his true sexuality. Don't worry little man, while we might not be able to empathise we have watched enough Dr. Phil to know it is not your choice. That you can't help but be obsessed with the male organ. I bet you are still a thumb sucker.