Friday, October 16, 2009


One of my favourite things is listening to AM-640 "LeafsTalk" after every Leaf game. Hosted by Andy Frost (yes, Q-107's Psychedelic Sunday Guru), it's an entertaining mix of phone callers: everything from the always thought-provoking "Mike In Buffalo" caller to some true losers who need to get a life.

After the Tuesday game, this one fellow called in and after bashing Toskala for about 3 minutes, finally told Frost that the Leafs, "..need to bring in the young guys, you know.....guys like Nigel Cadbury...".

Frost was momentarily stumped, as he asked, ", who was that?....Nigel Cadbury?..."

Phone-in goof went on and on with the "..we need to bring in guys like Nigel Cadbury" when suddenly the light went on in Frost's head, and he inquired, "...Nigel Cadbury? you mean Nazim Kadri??"

Phone-in Goof: "Yeah....whatever..."

So funny that the call was replayed the next morning on Q-107 on John Derringer's show.

In all the years I've been listening, that was the best.....NIGEL CADBURY!!!!!!!

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